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New Titles from EBN Health

The latest books for cancer care professionals

Fundamentals of Cancer Care

Edited by Mark Foulkes, Verna Lavender, Nalayini Kumaralingam and Karen Campbell

As cancer treatment and care evolves, the demand for staff with specialist knowledge and skills in cancer care grows. This new text is supported by the UK Oncology Nursing Society. It has been written by a team of over 30 experienced and expert cancer care professionals and patients, and it provides an illustrated primer for staff caring for patients with cancer.

978-1739881405, Paperback £24.99

Problem Solving in Interventional Oncology

Edited by Guy Hickson, Sean O'Cathail, Dhakshina Vijayanand, Alison Young and Tze Minh Wah

Problem Solving in Interventional Oncology provides an evidence-based guidebook that presents an overview of the current thinking and clinical practice in this field. The book is in two parts: overview chapters in traditional format, and 33 case studies described.

978-0-99559548-4, Paperback £39.99

500 Single Best Answers for the Medical Oncology Specialty Certificate Exam

Edited by Daniel Hughes, Anna Olsson-Brown, Judith Cave, Helena Earl, Ricky Frazer, Ailsa Sita-Lumsden and Ruth Board

Written by senior trainees and consultants and verified by experienced medical oncology consultants in the style of the specialty certificate exam, this collection of 500 single best answers offers an ideal preparation for success.

978-0-99559549-1, Paperback £39.99


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